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Manhattist believes that success is the brainchild of the well-informed investor. Our research team specializes in synthesizing the most

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In this report, Manhattist examines one of the most crucial (if not debilitating) crises of our time— the US Housing Bust, evaluating the specific economic forces that inflated an already volatile international market. An analysis of the meltdown’s causes & global consequences (shifting global capital, destabilized overseas economies) is used to prescribe healthy competition and transparent practices as cornerstones for international reform.



Escalating environmental concerns power some of today’s most fierce debates. This report examines the concept and feasibility of green buildings, exploring the alliance of lower energy use with trendy, economically beneficial enterprise. An analysis of current favorable government regulations and data from global investors provides a direct yet comprehensive answer for a notorious question: “Does investing in green buildings really make money in the long run?”



In a few short years, Russia leaped from bankruptcy to asserting itself as one of the world’s major powerhouses of oil and natural gas. This report speculates on the nature of the country’s future commercial relations, underlining the importance of mutual economic bolstering for continued success. Specifically, we explore the feasibility of Russian elites reducing mammoth export risks through investment in Western surplus, especially in realty and property partnerships.